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Welcome to the Future of Work: Smart Working.

The way we work has undergone a fundamental change in recent years. Globalization and digitization are forcing companies to introduce increasingly agile structures and work processes. In the battle to recruit talented qualified employees and therefore the new generation of digital natives, companies need to present themselves as modern employer brands and be receptive to more flexible forms of cooperation, from the home office through to worldwide collaboration. 

We call this Smart Working: People connect with each other and share their expertise, culminating in an unlimited exchange of knowledge – wherever, whenever and with whichever media they work. The prerequisite is the intelligent interconnection of progressive technologies, from mobile devices through to virtualization and cloud solutions as well as social business platforms.

In order to implement Smart Working, Centracon benefits from its wealth of experience in the optimization and virtualization of IT workplaces. Familiarity with the opportunities offered by the latest technologies, consultancy based on the tried-and-tested Process Model, and the constant observation of new trends result in forward-looking solutions that efficiently organize business processes and have a sustainable commercial advantage.

To us, Smart Working means focusing on people – at all times. A key objective of our IT business and technology consultancy is to tangibly improve the way people work. In this context, smarter consultancy involves more than using technology merely for the sake of it, but utilizing it in order to consistently exploit its advantages – for people and with people. In addition to specialist skills, social competence is an outstanding trait in all our consultants.

We also require and promote a culture of Smart Working within Centracon itself. This ranges from the continual exchange of experiences between our consultants via the Centracon community through to collaboration with researchers and developers.
At Centracon, the future of work is not a vision. It is the reality we actively practice.

Smart Solutions

Only solutions that drive your business are really smart.

Consumerization. Virtualization. Cloud computing. When talking about the future of work, one buzzword follows hot on the heels of the next. Smart Working with Centracon means only designing solutions which are oriented towards your business model and which actually have an added value for the work and cooperation of the people involved.

We accompany and assist you through a specific project, when quick results are needed under time pressure, and also during major change processes. We examine your organizational features and know what is technologically feasible. By utilizing our Digital Workplace Reference Architecture and established, proven process models such as the Centracon Solution Framework, we are able to present you with viable, comprehensible, and sustainable ways to flexibilize, automate and optimize your digital workplaces and processes.

The future becomes alive, useable – from fast, safe access to software and information in the cloud through to the modern way of exchanging information using social media components such as Business Facebook and internal Wikis. Yet only if these methods are strategically practical and productive.
Your company will develop more clout – beyond any buzzword. 

Smart Consultancy

At Centracon, cooperation means pooling – people, interests, and technologies.

Consultancy with Centracon is extremely results-driven. That’s why we bring together the interests of the individuals in the interest of finding the best solution. It is always a question of integrating people in the processes and convincing them. In doing so, we cooperate on equal terms with our contacts at all levels.

We speak the language of your management and departments as well as that of your IT and project managers. This ability enables us to moderate processes across all departments, leading to faster decision-making. Applying our expertise from similar projects, we can demonstrate profitable technologies and solutions, and place them in the correct, i.e. business context.

We maintain a cooperative consultancy style. We are good listeners, receptive to ideas and requirements as well as trends, and proceed with the necessary degree of tact. We do so in an objective, purposeful, and circumspect manner. To us at Centracon, this also means being on equal terms.

Smart Team

Don’t just talk about the future of work – offer it!

At Centracon, we actively practice precisely the ideals that we recommend to our customers – each and every day. We, too wish to be an attractive employer that offers its staff the freedom to develop their full potential.

Smart Working means creating an environment in which it is completely irrelevant where the work is done. Whether at the client’s premises, at Centracon or in a home office, all of our consultants and experts have constant access to our intranet and therefore to our entire knowledge base, our methods, and to colleagues – via the Centracon portal and also via their mobile devices.
Exchanging information and mutually inspiring one another is not merely limited to the digital world. We also regularly organize team days and events where our employees can get together.

Smart Working at Centracon also means specifically offering attractive prospects for professional growth. We achieve this goal via individual career paths, which are geared not only towards the specific talents but also to the personal life situation of the employee.
However, despite all the freedoms and support it offers, Centracon also stands for the reliability of a stable, mature consultancy company that has meanwhile enjoyed market success for over 20 years.
At Centracon, the future of work has a history.

One team, one spirit: Smart Working.One team, one spirit: Smart Working.

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