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In order to create the workplace of the future, we have one very special competence: knowledge of human nature.

What recommends Centracon for your innovation project in the field of modern digital workplaces? It is the experience gained during more than 20 years of consultancy work and from implementing successful projects for over half a million IT workplaces which we have implemented for major company groups and well-known medium-sized businesses alike. Over the years, they have come to know Centracon as a Trusted Advisor and architect of their IT plans for the future.

Centracon stands for productive IT business and technology consultancy whenever the establishing of innovative workplace solutions for virtual, mobile, and connected working is required. Our consultancy activities prioritize the business benefit and focus on the people involved. In the context of your corporate strategy, we look at each and every workplace and the employee behind it – with all their specific responsibilities. Pursuing this method, we design solutions that effectively simplify and speed up both work and processes – irrespective of medium, time and space.

Centracon offers consultancy, implements complete solutions or provides support to meet your needs by deploying experts. Our consultancy helps you develop your strategy and accompanies you from the initial idea, to the functional requirements, to the business case and the prototypes, right up to the well-considered project or invitation to tender. When it comes to implementing solutions, we advise and support you right from the project assignment to the approval and handover. We work together with service providers and, if required, we undertake project or provider management and safeguard the quality of the delivered results on your behalf. You can also selectively incorporate the high-level skills of our experts in order to meet the need for expertise or temporarily fill necessary roles.

Find out more about our portfolio:

IT Business Consultancy

Translating business strategy into practical technology: IT Business Consultancy with Centracon.

How do you want to lead your company to a new level of dynamism and flexibility? Orientation is needed when the strategic realignment or enhancement of workplaces of the future is under review. Greatly varying points of view within your company can be a benefit.

In the interplay between strategy, business and technology, Centracon IT Business Consultancy helps you achieve the desired effect. We take a neutral look at your business and, as independent architects, we design the “big picture”. In doing so, we proceed extremely rigorously, take account of your business requirements, analyze them and transform them into technically practical concepts for the appropriate interaction of all IT services, solutions, and architectures. Every step we take is transparent and comprehensible and all those involved in the project are kept informed throughout. The quality and the profitability of the solution are particularly important to us.
The future of work must be financially viable.

IT Business Consultancy with Centracon comprises:
IT strategy, Requirements Management, Business Development, Potential Analyses, Business Cases, Service Design and Modeling, Service Level Management, IT Process Consultancy, Security and License Management, Company Integration, Process and System Automation, and Organization Consultancy.

 “Competent IT business consultancy is a collaboration between clever and experienced minds.”

As an IT business consultant, I work in a closely-knit team with our technology experts, architects, partners, and customers. This open, integrative way of working results in a 360-degree viewpoint and in the selective translation of business requirements into information technology – resulting in progressive solutions and services that achieve tangible added value for our customers.

Marcus Zimmermann – IT Business Consultant

Technology Consultancy

The smart path to decision-making: Centracon Technology Consultancy.

What Centracon’s IT Business Consultancy does for your strategy, it consistently continues with its Technology Consultancy services, providing you with the clarity you need to make the right decisions. In the maze of various technologies, systems, and platforms for implementing your workplace strategies, we provide you with an overview and suggest precise recommendations, utilizing a whole array of best practices and business cases in the process.

Step by step, our Decision Model helps you select the right technologies – incorporating all stakeholders. Our Technology Consultancy includes the design of progressive IT strategies and helps you implement and introduce state-of-the-art architectures and IT solutions for Smart Working.

To summarize – Technology Consultancy with Centracon includes:
Technology Workshops, Qualitative Assessments and Current State Analyses, Architecture Blueprints, Technology Evaluation and Show Cases, Design, Proof of Concept, Systems Engineering, Tool Development, System Automation, Migration, Rollout Preparation and Accompaniment, Introduction to the Company and Transfer of Knowledge, Review and Weak Point Analysis, Technological Quality Assurance, and Redesign

Solution Consultancy

In the Name of Quality and Progress: Centracon Solution Consultancy.

Innovative solutions with Centracon are built on a solid basis – quality. Despite all the progress, our thinking is very conservative in this respect – and particularly since the modern way of working from any location still has to meet high security standards. 

We deploy the right experts to suit your project as part of our Solution Consultancy. They are experienced insiders in the relevant technologies and also good team players. Utilizing our Realization Model, we work extremely systematically. This is another example of what we mean by quality – project management quality that leads to compelling results.

Our Solution Consultancy is not only extensive, it is also highly detailed. It ranges from the introduction of comprehensive solutions in the fields of virtual desktop, service portal and automation as well as communication and collaboration, through to well-founded product expertise in all relevant fields of mobility and virtuality – such as Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, MATRIX42, Certgate, Cortado, ActiveIdentity, and other technology partners. 

However, we do not only consider the technological aspects and benefits. The solution must ideally suit your strategy and your actual requirements. And it needs to be accepted where it is used on a daily basis – by your employees.


The Success of your Project depends not only on Competence, but also on Character: Our Experts.

The more ambitious your project, the more you need to rely on your consultancy partner. When you require more than comprehensive consultancy and solution development, but also the right people to fill the positions, you can fully rely on the experts from Centracon. We accurately select the staff that really suit your needs. This does not just depend on their professional qualifications – their personality and social skills are also key factors. 

Depending on your needs, Centracon provides you with selected architects, project and multi-project managers, sub-project managers, service managers, or enterprise architects. We rely not only on our own experienced human resources, but also on our Associated Partners and an extensive network of qualified freelancers.
As every customer, project, and situation is different, we conduct our selection process in the same systematic manner as our consultancy activities. For this purpose we have developed the Centracon Spider, a measuring instrument that helps us find the right person with the right skills for your specific task, starting with profile analysis. Please feel free to ask us about the Centracon Spider.

We proactively and responsibly support you throughout the placement process, firmly distinguishing ourselves from the hurried personnel placement business. This is the primary reason why a great many well-known  place their trust in the experts from Centracon. 


On Market Leaders, Innovation Drivers and Competence Centers: Our Partners.

Companies who aspire to promote the future of the workplace cannot cooperate with just anyone. Centracon’s partners are selected innovation and market leaders in products, systems and platforms – but also handpicked companies and experts in the specialized fields of consultancy and IT. They supplement our expertise when future projects require additional manpower and brainpower, or if specific knowledge is needed. At the same time, our close collaboration with certain manufacturers ensures that our Technology and Solution Consultancy always take into account the latest state of development.

Our partners are:
1. Leading Manufacturers in the Fields of Virtualization, Networking, Cloud Computing and Automation: Centracon is a Citrix Gold Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner. We have exclusive contacts at senior management level and to the R&D departments in the USA. This ensures that we are well acquainted with the business and product strategies for years in advance, which means we can provide you with sustainable, reliable prospects for your IT strategy – including support services, but only if such manufacturer expertise is requested. Otherwise, you can rely on the strict impartiality of our consultancy at Centracon at all times, as we are not resellers.

2. Partners in Innovation Topics: Centracon cooperates with technology drivers such as Certgate, a pioneering provider of progressive mobility solutions. How about using your smartphone as a smartcard for authentication purposes in your company’s network? We can provide you with innovations such as these – as an example of how we can turn a technological lead into an advantage for your business.

3. Consultancy and Service Partners: Centracon collaborates with a number of leading consulting companies, such as in the field of management consultancy or security and compliance, but also with solution and product specialists. Centracon therefore specifically opens up the future of the workplace to its customers, including implementation. 

4. Our Competence Network: Centracon has maintained a very active competence network of Experts for over 20 years in the context of new technologies. These experts consist of experienced, but also young consultants, project managers, and technology specialists who we work with on a long-term basis. The network members continually exchange views, expand their knowledge base and grow through referrals. Should our customers experience staffing shortages in their projects or require particular competences, Centracon can spontaneously access this pool and vouch for the quality of the experts. 

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