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We advance Step by Step for the Big Leap into the Future: The Centracon Solution Framework.

How do you accurately steer your workplace strategies and projects to success – even when they are complex and you are under a lot of time pressure? Centracon helps you make all your decisions with clarity. You achieve structured results – with a demonstrable contribution to your company’s targets. This is what the Centracon Solution Framework stands for.

The Centracon Solution Framework (CSF) is a methodical, tool-aided process model for managing the strategy, decision-making process, implementation, and operating optimization of IT projects.
It covers both the technology and the IT business aspects of the complete life cycle of IT services, comprises best practices, methods, and standards, and is supplemented by Centracon’s more than 20 years of project experience in this field. We take these best practices and focus them on your objectives and requirements.

The Centracon Solution Framework (CSF) is:

  • Flexible and risk-minimizing

  • Comprehensive and modular

  • Performant and high quality

  • Integrative and scalable

  • Systematic and individual

It enables you to achieve:

  • Shorter preparation and project times

  • The required quality with fewer “errors”

  • Your objectives with less effort

Find out more about the various modules of the Centracon Solution Framework (CSF): The Centracon Decision Model, the Centracon Realization Model, and the Centracon Optimization Model.

Centracon Decision Model

Decide for the Right IT Workplace Strategy – with Certainty. The Centracon Decision Model

The introduction or the expansion of, for example, Smart Working Solutions poses fundamental questions about your strategy. Which influences does it have on your organization and culture? Which business benefit is to be pursued? Which departments, functions, and tasks are practical to include? Is it worth integrating external workplaces? And how is all of this compatible with your compliance strategy?

Wherever great consideration must be given to wide-ranging strategic and complex decisions, the Centracon Decision Model gives you a strong sense of certainty. The Centracon Decision Model (CDM) is a modular, tool-aided process model for the structured implementation of potential analyses, project pre-planning and the preparation of decisions. In its preparation, influencing factors and criteria are looked at from a 360-degree viewpoint in accordance with the individual needs of each customer.

Together we achieve the following advantages and benefits for your company:

  • Transparent, suitable target definition in the context of higher objectives

  • Identified potential and recommended solutions, measurable against the target definition

  • Specified, prioritized possible solutions

  • Well-founded decisions focused on the objective

  • Planning reliability, even for complex projects

  • Reflected feasibility based on market experience

  • Transparent added value for achieving your objectives

Centracon Realization Model

Steer your Ambitious Project – with Stringency. The Centracon Realization Model.

How do you realize extensive digital workplace solutions reliably in terms of time, scope, and budget? To achieve this aim, Centracon provides you with the Centracon Realization Model. It links seamlessly with the strategic solutions from the Centracon Decision Model or can also be utilized independently.

The Centracon Realization Model is a tried-and-tested process model for implementing ambitious smart virtual workplace projects. It covers both the content-based lines of action and the project management topics throughout the entire project life cycle.
The Centracon Realization Model accelerates the pace of your project by structuring it methodically – including project planning and project management, right through to the rollout. 

The project and the deliverables are measured in terms of defined objectives, quality criteria and milestones. The main focus is on business benefit at all times. Best practices in project management, architecture, technology, security, and service management as well as in commercials provide you with orientation throughout, and ensure that your actions are stringent and secure – including the consideration of cost aspects. Similar business cases serve as blueprints.
First, the Centracon Decision Model ensures a clear focus on results and second, for a 360-degree view of your business with the consistent embedding of the solution in your IT landscape. Smart Working comes to life.

The advantages of the Centracon Realization Model:

  • Projects and their deliverables are measured in terms of the defined objectives and the business case
  • Results and quality criteria form the basis for realization
  • Experience and results from other projects are incorporated
  • 360-degree perspectives and consideration of the required results

This means:

  • Projects are worth their money
  • Project results provide the desired benefits
  • The solution or the IT services operate economically
  • Integration in the organization, processes, portfolio (not an isolated solution!)
  • Practically minimized project completion times 

Centracon Optimization Model

Boost the added value of your solution – sustainably. Centracon Optimization Model

How can your digital workplace solution be even better oriented to maximize your business benefit? Faced with a wide range of options, the Centracon Optimization Model provides you with a clear plan.

It is an established, effective process model for optimizing your previously established solutions. Again, we adopt a highly structured approach. First of all, we look at the cause. Which objective are you looking to achieve with the optimization? Does, for example, the level of security for cooperation with external partners need to be increased, or do you aim to optimize time-to-market and manufacturing costs in the provision of workplaces? The aim and the scope of the project are then defined, depending on the objective. In the next stage, your current solution is subjected to an in-depth weak point analysis. Based on this analysis, optimization measures are then implemented in a target-oriented way – including the planning, the realization, and the economic efficiency analysis.

In this process, all technology and architecture aspects as well as IT Service Management and operational factors are taken into account. Based on either agile or conventional methods, the optimized solution geared towards your needs gradually takes shape. Not only is it systematically designed to suit your business and IT strategy – it is also future-proof.
Smart Working becomes sustainable. 

The advantages of the Centracon Realization Model:

  • Structured qualitative assessment and documentation
  • Measures evaluated in terms of the objectives and strategies
  • Experience and results from other similar solutions and services are incorporated
  • 360-degree perspective promotes sustainability and feasibility 

This means:

  • A degree of maturity reflected independently on the market and on your own objectives
  • Transparency concerning the value of the solution and services
  • Prioritized measures for continuous optimization
  • Economical, profitable solutions and services
  • Useable progress for innovation
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